• Sausalito

From a Coast Miwok settlement of Native Americans, to disparate groups of commercial fisherman, rum-runners and wealthy yachting enthusiasts, and on to today’s nearly equally disparate population of affluent artists and professionals coexisting with an eclectic collection of houseboat dwellers, Sausalito is, perhaps, the Bay Area’s most intriguing community.

Like a residential amphitheater, with the waters of Richardson Bay as its stage and picturesque backdrops including Belvedere, Angel Island, Alcatraz and the San Francisco skyline, the Sausalito hillside provides its residents a perpetual play of natural and man-made beauty. Its charming commercial streets are home to shops, galleries and cafes. Emerging from its relatively rough-and-tumble early days, to its present-day appeal, the town is one of California’s most romantic spots to call home or home away from home.

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